It was the sort of overcast Monday morning that left one longing for the cosiness of comfort food and wishing that the weekend hadn’t ended quite so soon. So with the company of friends visiting from Melbourne we sought to postpone the working week by meandering our way to the latest local hot spot, Wah Wah Gee.

Situated at one of the most picturesque spots in Geelong, at the end of Cunningham Pier, Wah Wah Gee sits pretty overlooking the bay. With a view to rival any and a breadcrumb trail of street art and exciting signage the scene is well and truly set for Geelong’s new kid on the block to take centre stage.

Enter the foyer and you can tell right away that this place has playfulness and fun pumping through it’s veins. With pops of pastel pink and turquoise flanking the walls and murals featuring famous musicians like Lenny Kravitz and Bob Marley this fun, funky restaurant sets the tone for it’s playful fusion asian menu. The menu offers a wide variety of sizes and flavours to keep even the pickiest of customers satisfied.

Between three hungry bellies my cohort and I managed to devour several of these tasty dishes. Slow cooked beef short ribs with shiitake mushrooms, Kung Pow cauliflower with chilli, peanuts, spring onions and coriander and an asian coconut soup to die for comprised the spread laid out in front of us. If I could sum it all up in one very eloquent word it would “om-nom-nom”.

It’s worth mentioning that if you’re up for surprises this place will make sure it pleasantly surprises. With the “Feed Me” section of the menu you set the budget and the theme and the staff will arrange a variety of dishes that will tantalise and delight anyone willing to live a little on the edge. I personally love this, sometimes it’s nice to relinquish control and leave the tough decisions to someone else (let’s face it we all suffer from food-choosing-menu-browsing-anxiety).

Oh and I’d also like to mention just how amazing this team was with accommodating allergies. Dairy free and gluten free are words that could make any kitchen or wait staff member roll their eyes with disgust, but these guys were awesome! I can’t speak for any other allergies, but if dairy and gluten are your kryptonite, this place is super allergy friendly!

I’ve been saying to friends for a while that Geelong’s foodie scene is amazing, but possibly missing some good asian food. It’s exciting to see that with Wah Wah Gee (and a few other up and coming places) this niche is being catered to. So perhaps next time you’re craving some good Asian food, instead of hitching a ride on the next train to Melbourne’s China Town you can take a short meander down the Cunningham Pier and visit Wah Wah Gee.

For more information on Wah Wah Gee visit or visit their Facebook page here.



Cunningham Pier, 10 Western Foreshore Rd, Geelong, Victoria 3220

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday – 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sunday – 10:00 am to 3:00 pm


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