This is Meka. As you can tell by the antics she is one of my dearest friends. I live quite far away from her but whenever I pop home to see my family in Central West Queensland I get the chance to catch-up with her.

A weekend away at Meka’s “fairy princess palace” (the name I have affectionately called her little Queensland bungalow) generally involves a lot of talking, giggling and indulging in culinary “naughtiness”. It tends to be a lot of eat-laugh-repeat. Somewhere in amongst that we find some time to sleep.

During my latest visit I stole a few moments to capture some photos of us (much to Meka’s protestations!). I also couldn’t miss the opportunity to photograph Meka in her gorgeous vintage inspired outfit. The result is the small collection of photos below.

Ps. We did not intentionally dress to match each other or Meka’s outdoor rug, but happy artistic coincidences are always nice.


DSC_8278 copyDSC_8319 copy DSC_8323 copyDSC_8312 copy DSC_8305 copy DSC_8303 copyDSC_8340 copyDSC_8332 copy

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  1. You both look lovely – matchiness aside – very beautiful.
    If we could all be so blessed to have a ‘Meeka’ – what a happy world it would be!