“Coffee is a language in itself.” – Jackie Chan

Step into the world that is Coffee Cartel and you will soon be speaking the language that is coffee. With walls lined in jars that would make you think you’ve walked into an apothecary the most recently opened Geelong Coffee Cartel shopfront is a little piece of coffee therapy. Spend five minutes in this hidden away little shop and you’ll figure out that the people behind Coffee Cartel are passionate. Well, more than just passionate – they’re dead set serious about their coffee.

Having toddled into the shop on a hot Saturday morning with some girlfriends, I bumped into Coffee Cartel’s main man and coffee connoisseur, Nathan J Johnston. His enthusiasm was contagious and his love of coffee was overflowing. He zipped around making coffees, serving customers, photographing his drinks and educating coffee lovers on the latest beans available in the shop. It was clear to see that he loves what he does. And quite frankly, that’s how it should be!

While sipping on my ginger beer rooibos iced tea I zipped around myself and shot a few of my own fresh angles of the little hidden paradise. It’s a beautiful shopfront that has attracted photographers from all around the local region. With a vintage typographic sign illuminating the whole shop, retro lockers and butterfly table centre pieces – its got all the makings of an artsy photo location.

You can follow Coffee Cartel on Instagram here, or you can visit their website here. Whatever you do though, get yourself down to this address for an amazing coffee experience!

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