I am so excited to be sharing a small photoshoot I did in collaboration with the Chai Walli brand. Boy do I wish every laptop/screen/device had a scratch and sniff option because the aromas from this chai tea blend are to die for.

Gone are the days of poor imitation powdered chai. The cafe culture surrounding the Geelong and Melbourne region has definitely cottoned on to the fact that there is a huge niche in the chai market. And thank goodness for that, because between you and me I just can’t stomach another crumby fake sugary chai latte. Yuk!

Perhaps it’s this niche in the market that makes the perfect platform for Chai Walli chai tea. Brand creator and owner Uppma Virdi channels her Indian heritage and her knowledge of spices to create a rich, flavoursome and hearty blend. Having grown up in a family where spices were used to create natural healing ailments and through a lifetime of brewing chai on a daily basis, it’s safe to say Uppma knows her chai. Even Chai Walli’s name is a perfect description for Uppma’s chai love. In Punjabi “chai” means tea and “walli” means a female that performs a specific task. Ah Uppma, what a perfect name to live by.

When describing the love of chai in India Uppma shares that Indians on average would drink 4-6 cups a day. I can’t lay claim to any Indian background, but I could quite easily have 4-6 cups of this chai in a day. In preparation for this little shoot I spent some time brewing the chai tea blend. It’s quite a meditative process in itself. Best prepared on the stove, this blend requires several rounds of boiling (and nearly overflowing in my case) to get the most out of the spices. It’s refreshing to use an authentic chai blend rather than the old boil-a-kettle-and-steep-a-teabag-in-hot-water method.

Below is a small shoot I put together for the team at Chai Walli. Small, simple and homely – I hope this inspires you to get some chai into your belly!

For more information on Chai Walli visit their Instagram here or their online shop here.


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