Cape Town to date is probably one of my favourite cities in the world. There is something wonderful in the mixture of its wineries, coastal pubs and adventuring potential. Not to mention that the city is situated around its crowning gem and focal piece – Table Mountain.

Along with my immediate family, I recently spent a whirlwind three days in Cape Town catching up with extended family and seeing the sites. Having immigrated to Australia when I was 11 I never really got to spend a great deal of time getting to know my mum’s cousins and my grandmother’s siblings. During this trip I got to know my gorgeous second cousin Manya, and her lively bubbly ways. I also got some special time with my great Aunty Una. It was such a joy watching my Nanna and her reminiscing about years gone by.

Aside from catching up with the extended family we spent time exploring the vineyard that is home to one of South Africa’s favourite sparkling wines, J.C le Roux. The main attraction of the vineyard is its champagne and nougat tastings – which for the record were just delicious! Once we were finished with the tasting we toddled upstairs to the lovely restaurant that overlooks table mountain and spent the afternoon indulging our taste buds.

Aside from luxuriating around vineyards, my brother, cousin and mother decided to jump out of a plane. Fortunately they were attached to an instucter who had the parachute attached to him! Before you ask, no I didn’t jump. I took it upon myself to document the event. Safely. From the ground.

Ah, sweet Cape Town, I look forward to the time I can return and enjoy your gloriousness once more!

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